Strategy in Action Learning Tour: Equitable Revitalization and Regional Power-Building in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania

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In-Person Meeting
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June 19, 2017 - 4:00pm to June 21, 2017 - 1:30pm

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

After decades of disinvestment and loss of manufacturing, Pittsburgh’s economy is resurging, bringing new opportunities and threats to low-income communities of color. With aligned progressive strength across the organizing community, elected leadership, and philanthropy, Pittsburgh is striving to be a model of equitable revitalization—not another story of displacement—and to use local power to build toward regional and state change. This Pittsburgh Moment offers tough questions and critical lessons to inform the work of NFG’s Democratizing Development Program.


This two-day convening will bring together the Democratizing Development Program working group of national and local foundations to explore, deepen, and refine our collective strategies, including:

  • Stabilizing communities in revitalizing cities that are facing gentrification and displacement while still struggling with entrenched poverty and disinvestment.
  • Community and worker power-building through sustained, nimble, multi-issue coalitions, and the philanthropic strategies needed to invest in such coalitions in this political moment.
  • Regional and state multi-racial organizing to build regional and state power for expanding the ability of cities to implement progressive policies. 
  • Equity metrics for grantmaking and public investments.
  • Critical role of local foundations to fund organizing groups that protects the most vulnerable and our social safety net as they are attacked through federal action.

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