Amy Panek

HEFN Position: 
Steering Committee Member

Amy Panek serves as Senior Program Officer for the Park Foundation’s Environment Program, with its grant-making focused on ensuring drinking water in the United States is clean, affordable and accessible, and is protected and managed as a public good.  The Foundation supports organizations working nationally or regionally in the Eastern United States, with state level support primarily focused on New York and North Carolina.  She also manages the Foundation’s Animal Welfare Program, which supports nationally-significant efforts to ensure the humane treatment, care and well-being of domestic animals and the protection of endangered wildlife and wildlife in captivity in the U.S.   Amy joined the Foundation in March 2009, and previously worked at the Kendall Foundation in Boston on addressing climate change and promoting energy efficiency in New England.  She also worked for various Massachusetts state government agencies covering such issues as renewable energy, smart growth, and public health emergency preparedness.

Amy co-chairs the HEFN Steering Committee.

My Grantmaking Focus Is On: 

The protection of drinking water through the work of grassroots, policy and advocacy organizations at state (primarily New York and North Carolina) and national levels.   

What Drew Me Into HEFN Leadership: 

My engagement with the HEFN-facilitated working group on fracking introduced me to HEFN staff and activities.  My involvement deepened while serving on the planning committee for the 2013 HEFN Annual Meeting; it gave me the opportunity to meet additional members and learn much more about the environmental health priorities of this community.  Now I hope to give something back to HEFN through my Steering Committee role since I am very grateful for the professional support and technical assistance of the HEFN staff as the fracking working group formed and flourished – the group continues to be a clearinghouse of information and an important conduit for building new funder relationships around this issue.

I See the HEFN Community Making a Difference: 

Through its commitment to addressing and solving complex issues through cross-collaboration with other funders, affinity groups and non-profit partners.  

When I'm Not at Work You Might Find Me: 

Baking cookies, running (to burn off the calories from the cookies), walking the trails of nearby state parks, or volunteering behind the concession stand at our local historic theatre.  

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