Carolyn Fine Friedman

HEFN Position: 
Steering Committee Member

Carolyn Fine Friedman is Chair of the Fine Fund. The Fund, created in 1997, supports organizations using complementary strategies to eliminate toxic chemicals from humans and the ecosystem. The Fund gives to organizations that conduct scientific research to detect and publicize the unintended harms of chemicals. It supports movement builders who align groups with diverse interests into a network to effectively advocate for public health and safety. And through grants for communications capacity and documentary films, the Fund hopes to amplify scientific findings and concerns about harm to the public. 

The Fund has a long term focus on ecosystem preservation, and has supported organizations that have, through scientific research, changed our understanding of the building blocks of ecosystems and therefore changed ideas about what to protect. 

Carolyn is a member of Rachel’s Network, women using philanthropy to enhance their environmental activism. In addition she serves on the boards of Coming Clean, the Northeast Wilderness Trust, the Institute for Health and the Global Environment and is a past board member of the New England Grassroots Environment Fund. She is also on the national steering committee of the Health and Environmental Funders Network. Carolyn earned her Ed.M from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

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