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Phyllis Omido, 2015 Goldman Prize Winner
July 16, 2015 by Kathy Sessions
This blog highlights recent awards recognizing innovative environmental health and justice contributions and champions.
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Centers for Disease Control graphic on climate change impacts on human health
Foundations are finding compelling motives and innovative areas for making grants linking climate and health. This post introduces a new report highlighting issues and examples of grantmaking addressing climate change in order to achieve critical goals like population protection, disease prevention, and community transformation.
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Image: Andre J Jacskon/Detroit Free Press via Associated Press
May 26, 2015 by Ryan Strode
Rapidly escalating fossil fuel development is posing new threats to the Great Lakes region. Left unchecked, a surge in oil and gas development in the bi-national Great Lakes could reverse recent gains made in the basin, as well as threaten public safety and air and water quality. This post highlights concerns about the impacts of fossil fuel development in the Great Lakes and opportunities for funder collaboration in response.
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Screenshot of Senate Committee Channel
April 22, 2015 by Jeff Wise
Advocates and funders have been investing in an overhaul of U.S. chemicals policy for over a decade, but the next few months will be critical. This blog post provides a HEFN staff perspective on the unfolding chapter in the story of reforming America’s flawed toxic chemicals law—the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).
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Graphic illustration of North Dakota wells if they were above ground
March 30, 2015 by Kathy Sessions
It’s much easier to understand and tackle problems we can see. Often a very real health threat from some environmental condition is not getting the attention it deserves because it’s hard to see. But people are finding many creative ways to make environmental health hazards more visible, as a step towards making conditions healthier.
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