To tackle big environmental health and justice problems more effectively, HEFN promotes collaboration in philanthropy.  Our members actively learn and work together around shared interests.  HEFN regularly partners with other funder groups in programming and outreach. 

Members exchange information and strategize about chemicals-related grantmaking through a Catalysts group, with a listserv, periodic calls and meetings.

Members concerned about adverse impacts of oil and gas development through fracking collaborate in a working group, with a listserv, monthly calls, and periodic meetings.

Members interested in improving community conditions and in promoting environmental justice connect through a listserv, periodic calls and meetings.

HEFN collaborates with other grantmaker groups to help funders learn and connect across issues and geographies.


Foundations and donors interested in collaborating within HEFN are encouraged to consider membership.

Funder Story

Heinz Clairton
Pittsburgh's air quality ranks as one of the unhealthiest in the country, yet area residents routinely rank improving it as a low priority. Seeking to raise awareness of the issue and empower the community to reduce air pollution, the...

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