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The Surprising Roles That Landlords (And Philanthropy) Can Play In Promoting Children's Health

If health advocates want to make serious headway in protecting children from the lifelong effects of lead poisoning, they must get both public- and private-sector buy-in and develop solutions that work for all, including landlords. Leaders in Cleveland, Ohio, and Buffalo, New York, have built strong public–private partnerships to deploy new tools to help landlords make their properties safe. Various foundations—both place-based and national—are funding efforts to prevent lead poisoning.

New ‘Lead Funders Action Network’ Aligns Philanthropic Efforts for Children’s Health

A new Lead Funders Action Network brings together national, regional, state, and local foundations who are working collaboratively and strategically to address gaps in the field of childhood lead poisoning and make philanthropic investments more synergistic to advance the prevention of the disease.

Photo by Mi Pham for Unsplash


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