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Aug 11
This 4-part virtual workshop will support leaders, communicators, and practitioners in harnessing the shared narrative to craft compelling...
Sep 8
Attendees will learn, network, and collaborate around opportunities to advance safe, meaningful outdoor experiences for all, and to rebuild...

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November, 2012
The Director of the Nat'l Institute of Environmental Health Services and the Nat'l Toxicology Program discusses environmental health, toxic chemistry, and the politics of chemical regulation.

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The Kendeda Fund, together with other environmental health funders, support a project to foster collaboration and innovation between biologist and chemists to create new principles and testing protocols to design endocrine disrupting-free...

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Photo by Shounen21 on Unsplash
Blog posted on August 10, 2020
Jennie Curtis, the Executive Director of the Garfield Foundation, reflects back on the organization's 15 years of experience developing systems-informed collaborations as a solid strategy for...
Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash
Blog posted on July 9, 2020
HEFN is pleased to welcome Leslie Hatfield, GRACE Communications Foundation, and Anuja Mendirrata, Philanthropic + Nonprofit Consulting, to the Steering Committee.

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