New Report on Climate Change, Health, & Equity

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Learn what seven funder affinity groups found when they surveyed their members and NGOs in the field—almost 200 foundations and organizations from around the country—about this rapidly growing and changing area of critical work.

COVID-19 Resources for Funders and Grantees

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This list of COVID-19 resources includes quick links to philanthropic and nonprofit guidance on dealing with the coronavirus crisis, plus updates on what HEFN members are doing to help during this time of great need.

Resilience: Living Beyond Fear With The Coronavirus

The coronavirus is illustrating how perfectly predictable threats can profoundly disrupt interconnected and fragile global systems. Amid the fear, Michael Lerner, a co-founder and chair emeritus of HEFN, and president of the Jenifer Altman Foundation and Commonweal, provides courage and hope during these uncertain times.


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March 6, 2020, Michael Lerner
Michael Lerner, co-founder and chair emeritus of HEFN, and president of the Jenifer Altman Foundation and Commonweal, shares how we can move...
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January 24, 2020, Cindy Glass
HEFN enters 2020 energized to sustain the...
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on environmental health.

Who We Are

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Steering Committee Member
Jake is a Program Associate within the Energy program at The 11th Hour Project, where he works to reduce the public health and ecological impacts of antiquated energy systems in the US. He holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master of Social Work degree from Boston College.
Steering Committee Member
Ellen Braff-Guajardo, based in Fresno, California, is a Senior Program Officer with the Sierra Health Foundation.
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Steering Committee Member
Andrea Bretting joined the Claneil Foundation in 2008, bringing with her many years of experience with local, national and international nonprofits. She began her career in Philadelphia as a community social worker. While liv
Program Assistant
Andrea Levinson joined HEFN as its Program Assistant in July of 2011. She manages HEFN’s membership program, updates and maintains the HEFN website, schedules conference calls and meetings, assists with meeting program development, provides research support, and performs various projects as they...
Steering Committee Member
Ogonnaya Dotson Newman is a program officer in the Environment program at The JPB Foundation. JPB’s mission is to advance opportunity in the US through transformational initiatives that empower those living in poverty, enrich and sustain our environment, and enable pioneering medical research.
Steering Committee Member
Jalonne White-Newsome is senior program officer at The Kresge Foundation, responsible for the Environment Program’s grant portfolio on sustainable water resources management in a changing climate. Jalonne also leads the foundation’s work addressing the intersection of climate change and public...

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