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San Joaquin valley map
From December 4-6, 2013, funders and affinity group leaders will convene in the San Joaquin Valley in Central California for a three-day learning tour. This blog post features a brief question and answer session with leaders from tour co-sponsors highlighting funders' interest in and prospective takeaways from the tour.
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Senator Lautenberg and Senator Vitter
A survey of the TSCA reform movement's work and its road ahead following a surprising bipartisan compromise.
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May 28, 2013 by Rachel Leon
Environmental Grantmakers Association Executive Director Rachel Leon talks about the rising risk of extreme weather events and rising tides caused by climate change in this commentary for Earth Day 2013.
Tags: Katrina, Sandy
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Sarah Christensen and Roger Kim FCCP 2013
How can environmental health and justice values and voices have more impact in the democratic process? Read HEFN's four takeaways from the Funders Committee on Civic Participation spring convening in this blog post.
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President Jimmy Carter, Gibbs, and Congressman John Lafalce
May 14, 2013 by Lois Gibbs
Lois Gibbs – concerned mother turned environmental health organizer, advocate and philanthropic advisor – looks back at 35 years since Love Canal. And forward to greater philanthropic support for community organizing to protect health.
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